Israel Prayer Vision
John & AmandaJohn & AmandaJohn & Amanda

This ministry was founded and established by John & Amanda van der Walt in 1984.

After attending Bible School they left their home country with their son to America in 1980 where they attended a School of Ministry in California. From here they launched out to Singapore, England, Europe and finally started their Ministry in Israel in 1988.

Since then, thousands of believers have traveled with John & Amanda on Prayer Journeys through the land of the Bible. They have been a blessing by their knowledge of the Word, their music ministry and their prophetic insight in God’s plan with the Jewish nation and the church in these last days. Both John & Amanda are ordained ministers with the Church of God in the USA.

Many groups have come to fulfill a specific mandate that God had given them in this land through the assistance of this very capable couple. They have received boldness to pray – praise & worship – and prophecy freely wherever they are standing in the land.

Their prayer is that as you come up to Jerusalem, and walk where Jesus walked, you will open your heart that He can reveal to you, your specific place in the Body of Christ, just as He has planned it for John & Amanda.

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