Daughters of Zion
Daughters of Zion


DOZ is a ministry that was born in the heart of Amanda when the Lord revealed to her the importance of looking at the women of the Bible and how we as women of today can relate to them.

This happened in 2004 and since then we have had amazing Conferences in Israel every year to demonstrate our similarities with woman such as
Sarah, Rebekkah, Hannah, Deborah, & Esther.

None of these women were particularly educated or qualified for a special task, but whatever they did… has been recorded in the Word of God for us to remember until this day.

They were just going about their everyday living but somehow they were at the right place - at the right TIME to do what God had purposed for them in their life.

THIS is what DOZ is all about…… that while you are busy with your everyday life  - you will be WILLING and OBEDIENT to   ANSWER THE CALL that comes to your life at ANY GIVEN TIME for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE

ALL of us have a destiny in GOD…… and you have to endeavor to find your purpose and to fulfill it by the grace of God.

Walk and Rejoice with SARAH
Sing and Dance like MIRIAM
Pray and Cry with HANNAH
Surrender and Obey like RUTH
Praise & Worship with ELIZABETH
Serve and Minister like TABITHA
Intercede and Find Favor as ESTHER
The Lord confirmed the ministry with this BANNER
This is our THEME BANNER since 2004.
God revealed that we will be using THREE SYMBOLS
That was very relevant during Bible Times in the lives of WOMEN

1. VESSEL  … used for carrying water
Used for perfume or oil
Used for provisions such as flour / grain

2. TAMBOURINE … used as a musical instrument of PRAISE but also doing WARFARE in the Spirit ….. when the devil attacks you …. Make a noise on your tambourine and he will flee like with Miriam …. The enemy thrown into the sea!!!

3. CROWN….. reminds us of ESTHER
We can all be an Esther ….. but we need to be willing to go thru a time of purification and cleansing for that special moment to stand before the King ................