Daughters of Zion
Daughters of Zion

Amanda's Personal Testimony

John & Amanda

God called her into the full time ministry through


Who knows if you have been called into the Kingdom
for a time such as this

Amanda God confirmed this Word when she had a supernatural experience in Jerusalem during the feast of Tabernacles in 1983.

Together with her husband John, Jerusalem has captured their hearts for all these years. Many prayer groups from the nations have been blessed by their ministry in Israel.

She has a rich ministerial heritage and anointed music ministry. Her prophetic calling to Israel has been well established and proven through many years of dedication.

God has now released her to call His hidden “daughters“ to Israel to come and experience a life changing moment with the King!

Amanda She presents a “Daughters of Zion” Conference on an annual basis in Israel creating the opportunity for the lives of women to be touched in a very dynamic way. Amanda

God has given her this promise to all women:
....that the time has come …that
every Word which were spoken over your life
WILL come to pass....
according to

Ezekiel 12:23–28